A Comparison of New Thought and Metaphysics

Most people don’t actually know the difference between Metaphysics and the school of New Thought.

When they hear one of these names, they assume the other and don’t really believe that they are different at all.

The schools of New Thought and the field of Metaphysics are often paired together in association and assumed to be the same thing. The reality of it is very different, though. Even though these two forms of thinking are very closely linked, they are not exactly the same thing at all. In fact, the sources of them are very different.

This article will tell you about the two forms of thinking, how they are similar, how they are different, and how they are related so that you can understand the reality of how the two philosophies play into each other.

Even though they are different, they play a big role in the formation of each other’s beliefs, and they also play a large role in all of the self-help writings and teachings that are issued today.

What is metaphysics?

Metaphysics is actually a somewhat new philosophy that has not been around in the world for an incredible amount of time. These beliefs have only been around for a little less than a century or so.

Metaphysics is a set of beliefs about the mind that tend to transcend physics. These ideas are based on the recognition that the mind is a powerful entity with abilities even beyond what you can imagine that your mind can actually do.

The idea is an acceptance that your mind is a field of energy and that there is energy all around you in the world. The mind’s energy is not separated from this energy and always connects with it.

This knowledge that your mind can control the energy in the rest of your body and the world around you may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but it is not quite that extreme. Instead, it is based on actual scientific ideas that are real.

The science behind Metaphysics proposes the idea that when you think or desire something, waves are created from your mind. Now, these waves can’t move your furniture around. It is nothing like that at all. The idea is much smaller.

It states that your mind creates charged waves that affect the energy of the things around you. It can alter moods, make you more driven to do things you want, and even attract things or people that you may want in your life.

Metaphysics is often used in the form of self-help and self-improvement studies because it focuses quite a bit on the impact of desire on your mind and body. Many self-help books are centered on the world of Metaphysics and your unconscious mind.

What is New Thought?

New Thought was a philosophy created slightly before Metaphysics was developed. This structure of thinking tends to take things to a slightly more religious level than the belief system of Metaphysics.

New Thought is centered on the spirit. It believes that your spirit can do great things that you never thought possible and make great things happen. All you have to do is have a good connection with your spirit.

There is a slight religious impact on the concepts of New Thought, even though there is no concentration on one specific religion. The philosophy, in general, gives the idea that being more in touch with higher powers can help you feel the way you need to in order to be able to achieve great things.

Although New Thought is very spiritual, many mindsets have been very popular in self-help books and other types of books because they promote freedom of the mind to better your life and yourself.

New Thought is commonly used in motivational speaking and religious teachings, stressing that if your spirit is whole, you will be better able to succeed in life and achieve the things you want for yourself. This is taught as a path to success, happiness, and health in some cases.


As you can tell, there are many similarities between Metaphysics and New Thought. These ideas correlate in many ways in the teachings and applications.

Metaphysics and New Thought both center on the power of something else inside you to control your body and the world around you to get what you want out of life. If you utilize this power, whatever it may be, you will achieve greater things than you may have thought possible.

The applications of these philosophies that are taught in both of these belief systems are very similar as well. Both types of thinking are used in human potential and success teachings by many different types of teachers. These concepts are often used in teachings and writings about improving your life, health, and financial state.

Even though New Thought and Metaphysics are actually two very different types of teachings, there are many similarities between the two. This is probably why they are often confused and thought to be the same type of teachings, even though they differ.


As previously stated, New Thought and Metaphysics are very different types of studies. Even though they are so closely associated and often used together, the two ideas are actually very different.

They were created with different approaches to similar philosophies. This is the most significant difference between the two. Metaphysics takes a secular approach to it and stresses the strength of the human mind overall, while New Thought takes an approach to it and stresses the wholeness of the human spirit through a higher power.

Although they may seem like very similar things, the beliefs are created differently. They may express similar concepts overall, but the undertone of one is very different from the other. One is slightly more spiritual, while the other is more scientific.


New Thought and Metaphysics actually developed at two different times. New Thought led to the development of actual Metaphysics through science instead of spirituality. One could have possibly not been created without the creation of the other.

New Thought was a common teaching that was in practice, but much of it was attributed to spirituality, as is often the trend. Religion starts to come into existence first, and then the science behind an occurrence begins to develop.

After New Thought was in existence, Metaphysical concepts began to develop. These perceptions graduated into the scientific teachings that became Metaphysics. These conceptions actually developed from the teachers of New Thought, though.

Without New Thought, there may not have been Metaphysics. These two schools of teaching are different, but one could not have existed without the other one at all. The two are definitely linked in a very big way.

Metaphysics and New Thought, though it is commonly not understood fully, are, in fact, two very different types of teaching. They have much in common; one could possibly not exist without the other.

Metaphysics is a teaching that stresses the ability of the human mind to do things that may have never been possible without the simple desire to achieve them and the belief in yourself that you can do them.

New Thought takes a more spiritual approach on a similar belief. Instead of the mind, it is the power of the spirit, and your spirit is whole and in tune with a higher power. This is an older teaching.

There are many similarities between the philosophies of New Thought and Metaphysics.  They are both geared toward self-help and improving your state of being and are used in these teachings quite a bit. But they come from different places, and one led to the development of the other in a way.

People usually embrace both New Thought and Metaphysics; they blend the philosophies to point of creating a personal religion.  I personally embraced both New Thought and Metaphysics.

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